Christmas market ideas

Hey everyone! Sorry that I haven’t posted in so long, I have really busy with various things but I hope to get back in the tune of blogging again!

During the Christmas season, everyone is looking to get presents for their friends and family and it is a great opportunity to make some money from people who already have their purses out! I decided to take advantage of this by taking part in the Christmas markets with my friend! I thought I would share some of my own tips in case any of you wanted to do something like this too!

Firstly, I would say the most important thing when holding your own stall is to attract customers, and I think the best way to do this, is it to make your stall visually appealing. Start by buying a Christmas/seasonal tablecloth which you can buy from most places really cheap and I also bought this packet of decorations which look like fairy lights but leave a really nice effect if you just scatter them about on the table. 

When it came to selling I thought of some ideas which would be super easy to make, cheap and unique.

Sweets are something which everyone loves and when it comes to children, they don’t consider the price that much which means you can sell slightly on the pricey side and make lots of money from it! I bought around 200 sweet cones which came with gold ties which you can buy from eBay or amazon and places like that for around £6. I bought gold, red and green curling ribbon as they’re all sort of Christmas related colours so they look really nice on the stall, as well as a bunch of sweets to fill them up with. This included rainbow drops for the bottom corner which fitted quite nicely, marshmallows, pick n’ mix and candy canes. 

Also, the majority of people who celebrate Christmas have a tree which they will decorate with a load of baubles, therefore, after some research on some online shops I found some baubles which you can fill the centre by inserting a picture of your own choice. These actually looked really cute on the stall and it was very profitable!

Finally,  my friend and I thought to sell cookies (which everyone loves) wrapping them up in treat bags and again tying with ribbon! I know that cookies is something that is very easily accessible for people to buy elsewhere but when you have cookies in front of you it is pretty hard to say no! We had double chocolate, dark and milk chocolate and white chocolate which meant our customers had a wide variety of options. If you want, you can bake cookies by yourself but in my opinion, buying takes less effort and is a cheaper option!

I hope this blog brought a splash of happiness into your day and I’ll see you soon!
Bye x



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