A sweet Swiss holiday

g 2Hey everyone! Recently I  came back from Switzerland which was amazing and so much fun! Switzerland is known for its beautiful views and being generally a very scenic place so this holiday was so relaxing and it was sad to say goodbye!

I went to Geneva which is the second most populous citthumbnail_photo qwsdcfxsfcgy (after Zurich) and it is surrounded by many mountains. The temperature when I went was around 20-30 degrees which was perfect summer weather!

One of the places I visited in my time in Geneva was the famous Lake Geneva, which was absolutely stunning as the view is gorgeous! I loved sitting down on the green grass being able to see the beautiful view and I found the environment there to be so tranquil. I went on a few boat journey’s that took me across the lake and the water was really blue.

g 1

Also, I saw the Jet d’eau which was a massive fountain that squirts up water up to 140 feet in the air! The water would spray in the direction of the wind so eventually I got the opportunity to go really close to it without getting wet.

I also went up the mountains to go on the cable cars to see a dazzling birds eye view of Switzerland! It went really high so you could see everything and it was very scenic and there was lots of greenery (probably not recommended if you’re scared of heights though!) While on the mountain, I was lucky enough to see a paraglider take off literally just a few metres from where I was sitting.

In Geneva there is also a flower clock, which is a clock (that actually works!) but it’s made out of flowers. I have no idea how they managed to get it to work but it was so cool! The flowers that made up the clock were really colourful and the grass around it was really green!

g 3I went to the United nations in Geneva which was very interesting! I got a whole tour of the place and it was really big, I got shown the oldest room and the newest room as well as many rooms in the middle that were available!

I also went on to a bridge where you could see the different colours of the water, one side more milky and slow whereas the other running quite fast and flowy to lake Geneva. I attempted to take a picture of it but it wasn’t very clear on the camera!thumbnail_photo f;oy

Overall, Switzerland is a very recommended holiday destination and you can take my word for it!

I hope this blog brought a splash of happiness into your day and I’ll see you soon! Bye x


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